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Steven & Virginie

Steven & Virginie are known for their extremely innovative style, improvisation and musicality. They have exceptional musicality and style and have a deep understanding of body control and movement. Constantly looking for new and creative ways to teach, their inspiring classes leave Lindy Hoppers everywhere hungry for more and excited about sharing the love of dance.


Upcoming Events

July 10th - 24th, Harrang
• August 13th - 15th, Korea
August 30th - September 6th, Swingout New Hampshire
October 1st - 3rd, Blues Blaze
October 15th - 17th, Lindy Diversion
• October 29th - 31st, Zurich Jazz

See their schedule for more events.

2 New DVDs!!

Jazz Series Volume 2: Gitup Off that Thang!

Movement Series Vol. 2: Spin & Turn Technique with Virginie, 2-DVD Set